Crumbling Paper: The Katzenjammer Kids in Der Inspector Chumped! (1903) by Rudolph Dirks (strip #1)

A Katzenjammer Kids strip from 1903 by Rudolph Dirks. Click the image below to read the strip. The coloring on a lot of these early strips is pretty interesting. A lot of time they have areas of the line art appear in a solid color, rather than just leaving it black… note how the line art for the bricks in this strip is red and the other line work is blue. Note also you can see Happy Hooligan soaking through from the other side of the page. Click the below image to view the entire strip.

Here’s what Don Markstein’s Toonopedia has to say about the Katzenjammers.

I’ll have more Katzenjammer Kids cartoons coming in the near future.

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