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I’ve added a much-needed index to my various Crumbling Paper posts here, which can be accessed from a link on the right side of the page. Here are the contents of it so far:


Here’s an index of old cartoonists and strips which have been featured on this site under the heading of CRUMBLING PAPER. Most of these links feature scans I’ve made of ancient comics, some over 100 years old, that generally have not been reprinted anywhere since their initial publication. This list will be gradually updated as I post more comics.

IMPORTANT NOTE: MANY of these comics contain offensive racial and ethnic depictions, as humor based on these subjects was the norm with comics at the turn of the last century. If this sort of thing offends you, you may not want to view some of them. I’ve tried to remember to note when this is the case. For more on my views on this subject, please refer to this post.

George Carlson
A.D. Condo
Billy DeBeck
J.P. Benson
Rudolph Dirks
Rube Goldberg
Harold Gray
Milt Gross
Johnny Gruelle
George Herriman
F.M. Howarth
C.W. Kahles
E. W. Kemble
Howard Knerr
Gus Mager
Otto Messmer
Frederick Opper
A.D. Reed
L.A. Searl
T.S. Sullivant
Jimmy Swinnerton
Harry J. Tuthill
Gustave Verbeek
Gluyas Williams
Basil Wolverton
Dick Wood

And Her Name Was Maud by Frederick Opper
Barney Google by Billy DeBeck
Billy Bounce by C.W. Kahles
Boob McNutt by Rube Goldberg
The Bungle Family by Harry J. Tuthill
Chocolate Drops by E. W. Kemble
Count Screwloose by Milt Gross
Felix the Cat by Otto Messmer
Gluyas Williams Dailies by Gluyas Williams
Happy Hooligan by Frederick Opper
Howson Lott by Frederick Opper
Little Orphan Annie by Harold Gray
The Loves of Lulu and Leander by F.M. Howarth
The Katzenjammer Kids by Rudolph Dirks and Howard Knerr
Mr. Twee Deedle by Johnny Gruelle
Mrs. Timekiller by L.A. Searl
No Wedding Bells For Him by Jimmy Swinnerton
Our Antediluvian Ancestors by Frederick Opper
The Outbursts of Everett True by A.D. Condo
Pinkie Prim by Dick Wood
Rosy Posy by Sterling?
The Terrors of the Tiny Tads by Gustave Verbeek
The Upside-Downs by Gustave Verbeek
Uncle Pike by A.D. Reed
The Woozlebeasts by J.P. Benson

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