Crumbling Paper: Hawkshaw the Detective

Here’s a wonderfully animated example I scanned of Gus Mager’s Hawkshaw the Detective. See previous entries I’ve made about Mager here. Notice how much the art looks like a Rudolph Dirks’ Katzenjammer Kids strip? That’s because Mager was Dirks’ assistant.

Can anyone out there name all the characters in the footer bar?

Note that this strip contains offensive racial depictions, as was typical of the comic strips of the era… if you are deeply offended by that sort of thing, you may not want to view it.

Click the image to view the full strip.

See examples of Mager’s Hawkshaw the Detective on Barnacle Press here.

See examples of Mager’s Monks on Barnacle Press here.

Read more about Hawkshaw the Detective on Don Markstein’s Toonopedia here.

Read more about Gus Mager on here.

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