Interesting Links: May 2nd, 2008

You still have time to vote for your favorite cute li’l guy of the month for April! Polls close tomorrow! Roller Raccoon and Ollie the Elephant are now tied with a new contender! Trixie is now tied as well! Note that there are numerous “third party” candidates to choose from as well.

Please go and vote, or this cute thing could get ugly! Comment! Harass your friends to fill the ballots for your favorite cute li’l guy!

Trixie says:

“Vote for me and I bake a cake! Yummy, yummy! I will eats it good too, you betcha. Oh boy! Thankee!”

Roller Raccoon says:

“I see rocky roads ahead! Glad I do not have great big green elephant feet which step on rocks and go ouchy ouchy!”

Ollie the Elephant says:

“Again, I do implore you to cast your vote for me. Although any of my opponents would most likely do an exemplary job of serving as cute diminutive fellow for the month of April, I postulate that I could bring a seriousness and, dare I say, sense of honor to the position that perhaps you may find my opponents to be lacking in. Thank you for your thoughtful consideration. Your humble servant, Ollie the Elephant.”

Click here to do your civic duty!

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