Froggy the Gremlin (clip #4): Squeaky the Mouse

The Andy’s Gang show’s other unfortunate regular was Squeaky the Mouse. I should probably say Squeaky the Mice, because I’m guessing they probably went through a Squeaky a week judging from the remaining videos. Here is Squeaky on motorbike, accompanied by Midnight on the hurdy-gurdy.

Note that when they show the supposed studio audience, we suddenly are returned to black and white! No, Andy’s gang was not filmed in front of a live studio audience, but rather in a forgotten basement of an abandoned coat hanger factory… sometimes strange smells would fill the neighborhood, but nobody knew why until it was far too late.

See an excerpt from an issue of Buster Brown Comics featuring Smilin Ed’s Gang aka Andy’s Gang courtesy of Stupid Comics here.


Read more about Andy Devine on Wikipedia.

Visit the grave of W.H. "Major" Ray aka Buster Brown here.

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