Cute li’l guy of the month of May update

We have a frontrunner. With two cute li’l votes, Skritch has taken the lead!

#30: skritch

Skritch says: “Sob! Youse all don’ really like me, doos youse? Ise just a sad li’l bit o’ fluff. Boo hoo!”

Two other li’l guys are in the running also with one vote each…

#31: zeezil

Zeezil says nothing, as he doesn’t talk. He does giggle though, a giggle so quiet it is completely drowned out by a breeze passing by.

#32: pip the purple pig

Pip says: “If elected, I will ride down a very big hill on one greased roller skate!”

Go here to review all of the candidates for May and vote for your favorite cute li’l guy. Please do your civic duty!

You’re also encouraged to cheer on your favorite cute li’l guy in the comments.

Polls close end of day Thursday, June 5th.

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