HEY! KIDS! COMICS! : Harry Grant Dart’s The Explorigator : July 18th, 2008


Today’s featured comic: Again we have another hard day to make a choice on what to feature… there’s a great new Li’l Abner feature at the ASIFA-Hollywood Animation Archive, a typically wonderful Walt Kelly childrens’ comic at Pappy’s, and some gorgeous Jim Tyer funny animal art at ThadBlog. However, Barnacle Press just put up the complete 14 episodes of Harry Grant Dart’s The Explorigator strips from 1908, and those win out (even in black and white… you should see ’em in color!). The Explorigator strips are fantastic… huge and beautiful fantasy-adventure strips, on a par with what McCay was doing with Little Nemo at the time. Pity there are only 14 of them! Click the image above to go see the strips.

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