INTERESTING LINKS: August 29th, 2008


Today’s featured item: The Acme Novelty Warehouse, a online bibliography and photo attempt to archive everything Chris Ware has ever done (including constructed versions of all of his numerous papercraft projects, and many amazing and exceedingly rare items I had never seen or heard of before). Above is an image of a toy Ware made of his seemingly obsessive-compulsive friend Matthew McClintock (whose site should be seen to be believed). Click the image above to go to the Acme Novetly Warehouse.

And while I am mentioning the talented Mr. Ware, I will also note that the Fantagraphics blog, Flog, points us to a one day only McSweeney’s sale on back issues that includes the indispensible Chris Ware edited comics issue (#13). For five bucks. All of their in-print back issues are five bucks today! This is a teeny-tiny fraction of cover price, so cheap for the beauty of what you get it will make you feel guilty for getting it that cheap. Click the image above to go order.

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