INTERESTING LINKS: Siegel and Schuster-Style Raw Deals, Updated by Time-Warner for 2008 :December 19th, 2008


Looking over the Time-Warner owned Zuda contract, cartoonist Spike of the webcomic series Templar, Arizona tellingly concludes that she makes more money selling 100 of her self-published books than Time-Warner’s Zuda creators make selling 10,000 books. It is also worth noting in bold that she also keeps all of the rights to her work, which in my view is a much more important distinction. Very few comics sell more than 10,000 copies any more. Click on the image above from Spike’s Templar, Arizona… which appears to be a metaphorical image of a Zuda comics creator getting throttled by Time-Warner lawyers… to go to the article the quote comes from on

“…with a 1% cover price share and assuming the books are equal in cost, a Zuda book would have to sell 10,000 copies to make the creator what I would selling 100 copies of Templar? And that’s assuming there are no penalties in the payout for deep discount/damaged/give-away books, and the payout isn’t be split in half between a writer and an artist or something.” -Spike

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