HEY! KIDS! COMICS! : Treasure Trove of Vintage Comics at Cool-Mo-Dee and The Cross-Eyed Cyclops : January 30th, 2008



As I mentioned in the last post, I ran across some fantastic blogs yesterday, which you will see well represented in the links below. Notably, check out The Cross-Eyed Cyclops and Cool-Mo-Dee for vintage comics scans galore (among other goodies). Both sites had too many comics available to easily list here, although I listed a bunch of them. Also, note that Cool-Mo-Dee pointed out that the fantastic archive.org now has a lot of vintage comic scans to download. Pictured above is a page from the story Escape From Devil’s Island from Dynamic Adventures #9, one of the many great comics you can download courtesy of The Cross-Eyed Cyclops… click the image to go get it.

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