HEY! KIDS! COMICS! : CREEPY and other Comics Magazines at the Crosseyed Cyclops : February 24th, 2009



The Crosseyed Cyclops blog has a whole comics collection worth of great stuff posted already, but of particular note is their devotion to posting black and white comics magazines of the sixties and seventies. They just posted a huge portion of the run of Creepy (pictured above is the great Jack Davis cover from the first issue). These magazines are particularly hard to collect in my experience due to their non-standard format making them more obscure… many comics shops don’t have magazines in their back-issues (and fewer and fewer comics stores have back issues at all these days… it took me many years of pre-Ebay hunting to find complete sets of Love and Rockets and the lousy Howard the Duck magazine). They also rarely get reprinted, which is probably also due to the non-standard format and the anthology nature of most of them, among other things. There is a lot of wonderful neglected work by many great cartoonists in these things, and a whole lot of it is now available for free thanks to the Crosseyed Cyclops.

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