Welcome to STWALLSKULL, the website of Steven Stwalley. I’m an animator, cartoonist, illustrator, game designer, and digital artist.

Check out my game, SQUIRMISH: The Card Game of Brawling Beasties here. It’s a beast-battling card game and videogame… kind of like some extremely bizarre, small-batch, artisanal Pokémon. Here’s the trailer for the videogame:

Check the videogame out on Steam here.

You can view my animation reel below.

You can view my portfolio here.

You can read my webcomics here:
Strip Mall | Monkey’s Paw | Soapy the Chicken

You can read my current blog here (and my old, retired blog here).

I’m on LinkedIn, if you use that.

I’m a founding member of The International Cartoonist Conspiracy.

I’m affiliated with WORLD MONSTER HQ, The most terrifying cartooning studio in Minneapolis.

I’ve been a professional digital artist in the advertising industry for over 15 years. I’ve made my living doing animation, motion graphics, game design, interactive development, illustration, cartooning, image editing, video editing, 3d modeling… basically, doing whatever kind of graphical work a project required. It is conceivable I may have built more banner advertisements than any other person alive. Many of the ad campaigns I have worked on have been seen by millions of people.

Clients I have done work for included Target, Best Buy, Phillips Distilling, Country Inns & Suites, Fifth Third Bank, Nike Bauer, Saucony, Discover Boating, Kraftmaid, Minnesota Lottery, Minnesota Wild, General Mills, Optum Health, Whole Foods, Kuhlman, The University of Minnesota, NSF, United Healthcare, Belize, and many, many more.

I’m a founding member of The International Cartoonist Conspiracy, and the instigator of the annual cartooning event Mini-Comics Day. I regularly post webcomics, I have created numerous comic books, and I’ve often collaborated with other artists to create comics anthologies and jam comics.

I was a featured artist in Hot Ink: Comic Art show at the Minnesota Museum of American Art, and in the book Superheroes, Strip Artists & Talking Animals: Minnesota’s Contemporary Cartoonists, published by the Minnesota Historical Society. My comics have been included in anthologies such as Lutefisk Sushi Volumes A-E, BIG FUNNY, Alley Cat and Just Add Ink.

If you have an opportunity you think my skills might be a good fit for, I’d love to hear about it. You can email me at sstwalley(at)gmail.com.

~Steven Stwalley