Monkey’s Paw Book to Debut at Autoptic This Sunday

I will have a very limited number of copies of a new complete collection of Monkey’s Paw, my insane collaborative monster comic with Ben Zmith (along with almost 60 pages of bonus materials) available this Sunday (August 18th) at the Autoptic festival in Minneapolis. Really, this print-on-demand edition was printed to promote the comic to publishers who may be interested in publishing it… but I’ll be selling some of them. We’ve done a first printing of 20 copies, many of which are already gone. I will gladly draw something in the book for anyone purchasing one… the book will run you 12 bucks.

“An awesomely farcical horrorshow of monsters, freaks, and killers.” -Zander Cannon, author of HECK and The Replacement God

In the event I sell out of them, or if you just prefer reading comics digitally, you can read them all online at our website at… so I suppose you should really consider saving your money for the enormous quantity of other incredible comics that will be available at Autoptic this weekend, anyhow.

Regardless, please stop by my table for a free sample Monkey’s Paw mini-comic if you’re inclined… I’ll have a lot of other self-published stuff available as well, including my big collection of Soapy the Chicken ( webcomics (which I am looking for a publisher for as well).

Thanks for listening!

4 thoughts on “Monkey’s Paw Book to Debut at Autoptic This Sunday

  1. Inspiring to meet you at the festival last Sunday. Thank you for sharing about Soapy the Chicken. I had a great time seeing the work of fellow artists outside of their studios. There are so many talented people living in the Minneapolis area! -Mahieu

    • Indeed there are! Minneapolis is indeed a great place to be a cartoonist. Thanks for stopping by, and thanks for the kind words!

  2. I have been enjoying Monkey’s Paw. How did you guys organize inking and such? It’s interesting to look at that big of a project from the outside & look in. Give me a holler when you have a chance….

    • Hi Meatbag! Glad you have been enjoying Monkey’s Paw. Ben and I work pretty organically… we both write pencil and ink the strips, and often we can’t even remember who did what. We’ve concluded Monkey’s Paw at this point, but we’re now working on two other strips using a similar working method. Neither of those strips are online at this time… we haven’t decided how to proceed with distributing them yet, but we probably are not going to serialize them online this time around.

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