Meatfist and Gronk and Muscles and Fights

Here is a portrait I did the other night of my friend Bud Burgy’s characters (with his brother Fud) Meatfist and Gronk

Below is a logo I entered in the logo contest for the third volume of Bud and Amado Rodriguez’s ongoing Muscles and Fights anthology (I’ve had work in the first two volumes which came out this year… you can see a slideshow with a preview page of my collaborative strip with Zander Cannon from volume 2, and a lot of other great stuff from that volume, here). Note that the third volume will be coming out soon, and Bud and Amado are still looking for more comics… the deadline is January 15th (submission info can be found on the site). They just put a very flattering write up about me on the site too, currently at the top of the home page! Aw, shucks, I’m blushing… Thanks fellas.

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