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  1. I finally got a decent set-up to the world wide web. I am sending you something I got for you I’ll send it to the contact listed on this blog. Thanks MJ fellow conspirator…

  2. Steve,

    Great stuff on the site lately, I like the Man from Timbuctoo, he looks exactly like JoJo the Dog Faced Boy. The Brother Theodore this week was nothing short of spectacular. Thanks for the entertaining stuff.


  3. I’m Frank Nankivell’s granddaughter. The Uncle Mun comic wasn’t by Frank; it was actually by Fred Nankivel, another artist of that era.

  4. I have a printing press PLATE used to print comics in the newspapers way back when. But I don’t think this one was ever printed. The comic is “schooldays” By clare victor dwiggins The title is “the apple of discord” I want to sell it but I don’t know how to go about it.————————-HELP——–HELP———————

  5. Hi Turbo,

    Sounds like some nice treasure… I have no idea what it would sell for, but watching Ebay is usually the best way to get an idea (and probably the best place to sell such an item). Here is a search there for newspaper printing plates:

    Being a comic, I would guess it should be somewhat more valuable than other sorts of newspaper content on printing plates.

    Good luck!

  6. Hello I was wondering if I could have premission to use your picture of Lumberjack 2.0 for some t-shirts? Thank You

  7. Hi Zach! Thanks much for your interest in the image (! As part of the 700 Things project, that particular image I put a creative commons Attribution-NonCommercial-NoDerivs 2.0 license on…

    Basically, anyone can use it for non-commercial purposes providing they attribute it to me and make no alterations to the image. So, as long as you weren’t wanting to sell the shirts, there is actually no need to ask permission to do this. If you want to sell shirts of it, let me know what you have in mind and we can discuss if something makes sense.

    If you decide to pursue it non-commercially, let me know and I’ll see if I can dig up a higher resolution version than the one online for printing purposes. Thanks again for your interest in my work!

  8. I was wanting to use it to sell shirts. I am trying to start my own company. I really like this image and it was eazy to contact you so I figuered it would be a good image to start with.

  9. Hi again, Zach! If you want to pursue printing it as a shirt to sell, let me know what you have in mind for the design and how many of them you’re interested in making, and make me an offer. My email is stwallskull(at) if you want to discuss this somewhere non-public. Thanks again for your interest in my work.

  10. For a book that I am working on with fellow cartoonist, Mark Newgarden, I need original paper copies of:

    Nancy 2 March 1947 (tabloid)

    Fritzi Ritz 24 April 1930

    As well as any issue of the NY Evening Graphic from late 1924 containing a Bushmiller, Mac the Manager strip.

    Any leads appreciated.


  11. Several years ago, my husband found a large stack of hand drawn pin and ink art boards of the Bungle Family comic strip by H.J. Tuthill. Most boards are in great condition while some only in fair condition. Many of the boards have the title of that particular strip hand written at the top. Do you know if there would be an interest in these. Thanks for your website and any comments you might have.

  12. Nice to see cartoons valued. For me they can betray a source of not now esoteric lore but man made mischief and obligations to secrecy that drives many to drink or as a result, when there is no relief, worse. This artifice is often celebrated in covert form (less Santa’s little elves get frustrated they may not crossover from there to your world and mine explaining their dubious gifts, obligations and ecstasies.
    “Ammonia Cocktail Jones” is drinking “owl eye” a winemaking owl in your blog.
    Hint: check out “monarch programming” and or owl, wink, moloch, in turn and together on google.
    I try to speak plainly when everyone else feels obliged to use allusion or allegory. This artist seems to represent in”code” the degradation, the sacrifice, the price, of a capability that can win wars yet is a fake, a shill, a force for good or evil of which no more shall be said. Except by moi! And maybe if HE is to be believed for going past “Stop” on this Monopoly board and overtaking me….Will Filer, NSA, Psyops. (google that “son of” a true situation unless it is all post hypnotic. and he is a disinformation person making the system seem unfathomable as more and more keeps”leaking out” and the top bonzes need to let people like me break cover to see who is interested in what to stop the many leaks????
    Maybe that cartoonist knew of the CIA Project Monarch which worked via the Disney people of all people and many more in the media. . Do a Fritz SPRINGMEIER /DISNEY search or google monarch programming with any word from your repertoire, likely you will have a full list to go through. MK Ultra or Monarch Programming.
    You might like a cartoon I liked and chose for it revealing “something going on” at the level of the performing arts similar to your lead cartoon of clowns at my site . That coded representation is not at all clear unless you know the role of people being transformed (brainwashed) in an ecstatic or traumatised state, worth knowing about as sex is apparently involved for some unlucky people to inhibit or disinhibit them. Really. That is what “switching” is all about….switching by hypnosis or NLP then starts to take over the person and overlay commands when needed making a slave to a master/master race stuff!

    Then you might like to obtain Rogan Taylor’s book “The Death and Resurrection Show” based on Mircea Eliade “Shamanism” if you need the long story. I am “beachhutman” on twitter. Please thank me there if anywhere.
    ALSO I have photos of whirligigs carved by my late father I used as the masthead for my Oh, and I met Mengele in connection and in context of the above, really! No-one believes that bit though , but he was killed off officially so he could work another 35 years with his skills got from traumatising people without fear of discovery…for Weltanschauungskreieg and then I guess Poe’s Raven and the NSA.. My Real name Tim Baber, England. And yes I have had a hard time with this subject since whenever, as itIS real and lies underneath much that is communicated as if it were the most important step for countries to not stumble over. It is that , and toxic but you need to know so as to avoid it. TB

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