Steven Stwalley is a cartoonist, web developer, animator, rapscallion and ne’er do well. He draws a webcomic about a deceased, mentally-challenged chicken called Soapy. He also makes a webcomic about science gone sour called Monkey’s Paw with collaborator Ben Zmith.

Stwalley’s comics have been featured in the Lutefisk Sushi projects, BIG FUNNY, Comicopolis, Just Add Ink, and in the Hot Ink: Comic Art show at the Minnesota Museum of American Art. He is also a featured cartoonist in the book Superheroes, Strip Artists, and Talking Animals: Minnesota’s Contemporary Cartoonists.

He is a founding member of The International Cartoonist Conspiracy, and of the annual cartooning event Mini-Comics Day.

He still has all his own teeth.

If you’re inclined, you can email STWALLSKULL at:

3 thoughts on “About STWALLSKULL

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  2. We are enjoying the Cute li’l guy of the day. Thanks for the joy you add to our day. Dad thought this guy was named “Flooby” not “Wompy”. What happened?

  3. Glad you’re enjoying it! The website for them is here:


    There you can view all the previous cute li’l guys, and you’ll have an easier time reading about them.

    He is indeed named Wompy. His disposition is flooby. Flooby is a non-dictionary word I got from reading Flaming Carrot Comics for which this is the definition:

    Flooby – 1. Having the properties of gelatin, wobbly and jiggly. Alt: Having the physical properties of a lava lamp, often without heat or liquid present.

    Love you!

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