Fantagraphics to Reprint Complete George Herriman Stumble Inn Sundays!

As if their announcement about publishing the compete Pogo the other week wasn’t exciting enough, Fantagraphics Books’ Kim Thompson just announced on the Comics Journal message board that they will be reprinting the Sundays of George Herriman’s second greatest strip, Stumble Inn, for the first time as part of their Krazy Kat reprint series (in the volumes containing Kat material already reprinted by Eclipse). The first greatest is, of course Krazy Kat… that said, from what I’ve seen of Stumble Inn, it still was better than 99.9% of everything else on the comic page, which is saying a lot since there were a lot of great comics in the day. It’s like acknowledging that Romeo and Juliet wasn’t Shakespeare’s best play. Click on the picture below for a sample strip from Coconino County.

Stumble Inn by George Herriman

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