Ezekiel Fishman Versus the Martians Part Two: A Gross Comic Project


The second chapter of my Gross Comic, Ezekiel Fishman Versus the Martians, has been posted… follow the link and go to page 13 for Chapter two, or read from the beginning.

You can read more about the Gross Comic Project here.

You won’t want to miss these wonderful gross comics from Zander Cannon and Kevin Cannon:

Zander Cannon’s Heck and Kevin Cannon’s Oceanis

We had 7 cartoonists joining us in this month in the Gross Comic Project AKA The 144 Hour Graphic Novel Challenge, bringing the total participants up to 10 (and we’ve had others express interest in it as well, so there may be more next month). Here are the current participants, all neatly alphebetized for your convenience:

Kevin Cannon
Zander Cannon
Danno aka Dank!
Eric Lappegard
Shad Petosky
Tim Sievert
Curtis Square-Briggs
Steven Stwalley
Brett VonSchlosser

Hopefully some of the new participants will be posting their comics online as well… I’ll keep you posted.

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