Crumbling Paper: Billy Bounce and The Teasers (1903) (strip #1)

Here’s the other side of the Uncle Pike page I posted the other day. Today we have Billy Bounce in “Billy Bounce Cheats the Cannibals Out of a Nice Stew” and The Teasers in “Bobby Gets the Reward.” Billy Bounce is a bizarre character… he’s a big, fat, bouncing ball-boy. His cast is very odd too… I have another one of these I will be posting sooner or later.

Billy was created by W.W. Denslow of Wizard of Oz book illustration fame, which makes a whole lot of sense looking at the characters. It was taken over in 1902 by C.W. Kahles, who did this one (Kahles later went on to create Hairbreadth Harry). This one is by Kahles… it’s a fun, weird strip.

The Teasers is also by Kahles… the main character looks pretty much like Billy Bounce after losing weight, although I actually hadn’t made the connection that the two were drawn by the same person until checking the Ohio State Cartoon Research Library site. Neither strip has a signature, and they have a stylistically very different feel to them. The Teasers uses a bizarre technique of using both word balloons and printed copy below the panels to convey dialogue.

Click the image below to see the full page (warning: contains offensive racial depictions, as is often the case with old comics).

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