Obscure Images: The Joel Thingvall Gallery of Wonder Woman Art

In my last “obscure images” post about Daniel Clowes, I mentioned the Joel Thingvall Gallery of Wonder Woman Art. It is a wonderfully varied collection of interpretations of bondage-hero Wonder Woman by a huge number of cartoonists… even if you don’t like Wonder Woman, there is still a lot here you’ll probably like.

We’ve been lucky enough to have the collection highlights regularly featured at the Twin Cities comic convention FallCon. It is a pretty overwhelming thing to see in person. You can see most or all of it online here. Believe it or not, the images below are just the tip of the iceberg… click on them to see the full size versions.

There are a LOT of highlights to this collection (it is well worth your exploration). Here are some of my favorites.

Wonder Woman by Jamie Hernandez.

Wonder Woman by Zander Cannon.

Wonder Woman by Paul Chadwick.

Wonder Woman by Alex Toth.

Wonder Woman by Gilbert Hernandez.

Wonder Woman by Kevin Nowlan.

Wonder Woman by Mitch O’Connell.

Wonder Woman by Jessica Abel.

Wonder Woman by Steve Rude.

Wonder Woman by Matt Feazell.

Wonder Woman by Jill Thompson.

Wonder Woman by Sam Hiti.

Wonder Woman by Carol Lay.

Wonder Woman by Frank Miller.

Wonder Woman by Adam Hughes (he has a number of others in this gallery as well).

Wonder Woman by Bruce Timm.

Wonder Woman by Shannon Wheeler.

Wonder Woman by Larry Marder.

Wonder Woman by Jay Lynch.

Wonder Woman by Bob Lipski.

Wonder Woman (and Flaming Carrot) by Bob Burden.

Wonder Woman (and Mr. Monster) by Michael T. Gilbert.

Wonder Bone by Jeff Smith.

Wonder Woman (and The Spirit) by Will Eisner.

Wonder Woman (and Groo and Chakall) by Sergio Aragones.

Wonder Cerebus by Dave Sim.

Wonder Tug (and Buster) by Marc Hempel.

Wonder Woman (and Joe Matt) by Joe Matt.

Wonder Woman Chester Brown.

Wonder Woman Dave Stevens.

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