Cheap Hardcover Comix!

Tim Hodler on the Comics Comics blog pointed out that the first volume of the new Fantagraphics Popeye reprint series is currently on Amazon for only $5.99 (thanks Tim!). I have a set of the first, inferior, Popeye reprint series from Fantagraphics, so I hadn’t got around to scoring a copy of this yet & jumped at the chance. I read most of a library copy a while ago and decided it was worth the upgrade (for color sundays and consistent format, and to reread some of the best comics ever made). Anyhow, I decided to take my bill up enough to get some free shipping, and I found a volume of the Complete Peanuts for 5.79 and the new Edward Gorey book for 7 bucks… and I knew I must share this with y’all.

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