The Sopranos’ Final Episode Body Bag Game!

I’m a big fan of the Sopranos teevee show, which is ending this coming Sunday. I’ve devised a game to play with your friends when viewing the final episode…


Write down on a sheet of paper:

The number of people you think will die in the final episode.

The names of individuals you think will die in the final episode.

BONUS GUESS: Guess either who kills Tony Soprano (if he is killed by multiple people, you only need to guess one for success), or guess Tony’s final fate if he lives (jail, vegas, hospital, etc.)

Put this paper in a sealed envelope until the end of the episode.


You start with a score of 0 points

Figure out the difference between the final body count and your number… subtract this number from your initial score.

Add two points for every individual killed you get right.

Subtract 2 points for every individual guessed wrong.

BONUS: If you successfully guess the final fate of Tony Soprano or one of his killers, add 3 points.

Note that the body count includes anyone who dies in the episode, including innocent bystanders that have never appeared before on the show.

Open the envelope at the conclusion of the episode. Highest score wins.

You probably want to bet some money on this, to get in the appropriate spirit of the show.

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