Obscure Images: The Fantastic Basil Wolverton

Most good cartoonists do at least one thing really well… Basil Wolverton did a whole lot of things better than about anybody. He was the master in his time of hilarious, crazy, surreal, cartoony art (indeed, he is the father of the “spaghetti and meatball” school of cartooning). He was also fantastic at caricature, science fiction comics and horror comics. He even did amazing bible adaptations. Here is some of the great obscure Wolverton art from comicartfans.com. I recommend clicking on them to see larger versions on the comicartfans.com site. Note that there is more Wolverton to be found there as well if you do a search for him.

I think these are the only Wolverton pencils I’ve ever seen… some preliminary drawings for some Spacehawk comics.

In addition to his insane cartooning talents, the man was also a charming musician… go here to hear his wonderful rendition of I’m Always Chasing Rainbows.

There are some excellent reprints of his work out there, and more to come soon, including a big art book and a collection of his bible work! Those should both be spectacular, I think.

Go here to visit the Wolverton family site run by his son Monte (who is also a cartoonist).

Go here to read about Basil Wolverton on lambiek.net.

4 thoughts on “Obscure Images: The Fantastic Basil Wolverton

  1. I can’t believe I’ve never come across Basil Wolverton’s work before. Each of the comic pages are delightfully cracked, but that twisty six-legged pimple-footed man is just deranged. And that is a high-tune compliment, of the kind reserved for Krazy Kat and Jim Woodring and Jan Svankmajer. Thank you for your continual stream of exceptional posts.

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  3. I have a complete copy of his Bible Story which was featured beginning in the November 1958 issue of the Plain Truth magazine. His artwork is fantastic in the whole series!

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