Crumbling Paper: Billy Bounce Takes a Picture- Not

Happy New Year! Here’s a new year’s strip from 1904, featuring bizarre ball-boy and ball-buster Billy Bounce, drawn here by C.W. Kahles. Note this strip uses a joke in the title I erroneously had attributed in my mind to Wayne’s World… apparently it is much older. A brilliant joke it is- not.

I posted Billy Bounce strip earlier here.

Click the image below to see the full page (warning: contains offensive racial depictions, as is often the case with old comics).

4 thoughts on “Crumbling Paper: Billy Bounce Takes a Picture- Not

  1. Nice to see you back Steve! I hope that your trip to Maryland went well. I noticed you weren’t at the last CC meeting. Due to sickness I hear? I am battling the cold/flu as well! Hope you are feeling better!

  2. Thanks much for the comments, guys.

    Indeed, I have been sick for about two weeks… this is feeling like it is probably the last day of it, thank goodness. Hope you feel better soon, Dan.

    Exactly enough balloon to fit the text, and not a bit more!

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