More of the Handy Man from Timbuctoo!

My friend Thrillmer at Barnacle Press has delighted me by managing to hunt down what is probably the vast majority of the run of the obscure and deeply bizarre Handy Man from Timbuctoo strips that I posted examples of the other week. These include the Handy Man’s first “origin” strip, and a cross-over strip with none other than Foxy Grandpa! The stylistic similarities of the Handy Man and Foxy Grandpa have made Thrillmer conclude that they are both strips by Carl Edward “Bunny” Schultze (who signed his strips with a bunny drawing), rather than the Handy Man being drawn by the mysterious CAW (who signs his strips with a crow drawing). Good eye, Thrillmer! Note also that CAW sounds like Carl with a drawl. I had noticed the similarities between the styles, but it hadn’t occurred to me that they were the same artist. I’m still not 100% convinced (I’m about 97% convinced, and I only go up to 99% convinced of anything… I need to compare them some more). Compare them and see what you think… and please let us know in the comments.

The Handy Man from Timbuctoo on Barnacle Press
The Handy Man from Timbuctoo on Stwallskull
Foxy Grandpa on Barnacle Press
Foxy Grandpa on Stwallskull

5 thoughts on “More of the Handy Man from Timbuctoo!

  1. Although I am not versed like you in the cartoons of yore.
    I do know one thing, and this thing I know for sure.
    If there were a wild animal that I were to go get,
    It would be a striped tiger like Handy Man’s pet.

  2. To get a tiger who’s strong and bold,
    as in the funnies of days of old,
    requires only growth of hair,
    on all those spaces you find bare.

  3. I just checked out a crossover strip where The Man from timbuctoo is tricked by Foxy Grampa’s kiddies and then exacts some old school JoJo the Dog Haired boy ass whuppin on them rascals. Very good. Thanks for the info.

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