POLL: Who Would Win in a Really Big Goddamn Fight?

I’ve added the ability to put polls on the site. I will use them now to definitively answer the question you have all been wondering…


This poll expires next Thursday, June 19th. You are encouraged to support your pick in the comments. Ballot stuffing, voter coercion and all manner of dirty tricks are encouraged.

4 thoughts on “POLL: Who Would Win in a Really Big Goddamn Fight?

  1. Reid Fleming, any milkman who would rather piss on the flowers of a customer than collect the milk money gets my vote. I only wish Peter Boyle would have hung on long enough to play him in the movie. The man from Timbuctoo is disqalified in my opine. He his behind a tiger.


  2. Thanks for commenting, y’all. Good point about the Man From Timbuctoo, Tony… is he much of a man without the Tiger? Everett True is in the lead… not even the Hulk can match Everett’s righteous fury.

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