HEY! KIDS! COMICS! : Otto Messmer’s Felix the Cat


Another unbelievably great selection of new old comics on the web. As has been the case recently, it is hard to pick one to feature… Jack Cole, Frank Frazetta funny animals, comics by Tad, a whole Milt Gross book (!!!) and much more great stuff can be found below. I’ve chosen to feature Otto Messmer’s Felix the Cat. Messmer is another one of the greats of childrens’ comics. He has a beautifully simple style, and I love the way his stories unwind. Although widely acclaimed, Messmer still seems pretty underrated to me, and is really in need of more reprinting (Fantagraphics did do a great reprint of some of his newspaper strips a while ago called Nine Lives to Live: A Classic Felix Celebration). I think his Felix comics could sell like crazy if some good publisher packaged them well and marketed them to children. Click on the image below to read a Felix comic at Comicrazys.

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