Lutefisk Sushi for Sale Online

I’m happy to report that the Lutefisk Sushi Bento Boxes volumes B and C mentioned here previously are now available for sale online here (or by clicking the below picture). The Lutefisk Sushi boxes feature an enormous quantity of mini-comics by Minnesota cartoonists… around 40 minis in Volume B and around 50 minis in Volume C. You can buy them online for thirty bucks each, which is one hell of a deal.

Both boxes were limited to 150 copies, and both are getting close to being sold out, so if you want one, order soon. They can never be reprinted, so when they are gone, they are gone for good. All profits from the Sushi boxes go to support Altered Esthetics, a wonderful non-profit Minneapolis gallery that we collaborate with.

Note that in addition to the Sushi boxes, you can buy the Cartoonist Conspiracy‘s 2006 and 2007 collections of 24 Hour Comic mini-comics for $10 each.

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