THE CARTOON CRYPT: More on Peeping Penguins (1937)


I watched Peeping Penguins on the Fleischer Color Classics compilation dvd Somewhere in Dreamland again this weekend, and I was correct that it is missing footage (in addition to the previously mentioned altered soundtrack missing the song “Curiosity Killed the Cat”). The penguin playing and almost killing himself with a loaded rifle has been eliminated from the sloppily edited version on the Dreamland dvd. You can get the full version on a shoddily manufactured but chock full of great stuff compilation called 150 Cartoon Classics. Or you can just watch it online:

You’ll want Somewhere in Dreamland for the rest of the Color Classics, though (except for the one it doesn’t include)… in spite of its flaws it is a fantastic and almost complete compilation of the Color Classics:

I’ve extracted the song Curiosity Killed the Cat (along with some of the rest of the soundtrack) as an mp3 which you can download here.

Read more about Peeping Penguins on The Big Cartoon Database here.

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