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Boy, this has to be my most unwieldy list of links yet… so many links, I actually had to break it into two posts, as WordPress seemingly can’t handle one post that big. So much good stuff, I’m not going to even attempt to summarize the highlights. In fact, I’m going to start dealing with these huge lists of fun comics in a new way… rather than emphasizing the highlights, I’m going to choose one random item to talk about. This should prevent me from talking about Herriman, Wolverton, Kelly and the rest of my ‘usual suspects’ every time I see their work, and hopefully highlight some more obscure treasures.

Tom Kaczynski's Transatlantis Blog

My friend Tom Kaczynski has been posting a lot of wonderful work from his sketchbook on his Transatlantis blog lately. I’ve been reading and re-reading a lot of back issues of the fantastic MOME anthology from Fantagraphics lately on the bus, and Tom’s work really stands out in there, which is saying a lot, as he is among excellent peers.

Going on a tangent speaking of MOME, boy is it a great anthology, and it keeps getting better… I’ve got to hunt down the issues I’m missing when I have the scratch. I’d put it somewhere in my top five comics anthologies of all time. It really sets a different tone from any other comic anthology series I’ve ever read… it is a rare thing for an anthology to really feel like it has a unique voice and aesthetic of it’s own besides the voice of its individual artists (Weirdo and Raw being two other examples of this), and MOME definitely does. It regularly features wonderful work from Tom, Eleanor Davis, Zak Sally, Jim Woodring, Paul Hornschemeier, Gabrielle Bell, Al Columbia and many, many other excellent cartoonists… and has introduced me to a lot of wonderful artists I was not previously familiar with, which is one of the best things an anthology can do. If you have the cash, it looks like you can get the first ten issues bundled at a deep discount from the Fantagraphics website.

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  1. Good to see you back and posting Steve! David hit the nail right on the head. This IS a lot of links! Hope that your computer (and floor) are okay.

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