The New Schedule for the Stwallskull Media Empire

Testing… testing… anyone out there reading this blog of mine anymore?

Well, if so, hi there. I’ve decided to start posting things on the internet regularly again… on a schedule, even.

On Mondays, I will be posting a new Soapy the Chicken strip on the Soapy the Chicken site. (you can subscribe to Soapy the Chicken here… you can read the previous Soapy strips here… or you can buy the collected Soapy in book form here). Click the image below for the first one…

On Fridays, my new collaborative comic with my good friend Ben Zmith, Monkey’s Paw, will be updated. The first four weeks have already been posted, actually. You can see them by clicking on the below images.

You can subscribe to the feed for Monkey’s Paw here.

I’ll also be posting whatever I feel like here on the Stwallskull blog, whenever I feel like it. The posts moving forward will mostly be focusing on my personal comic work, rather than stuff relating to the history of comics and animation.

I hope you enjoy the comics if you decide to follow them. Thanks for “stopping by,” regardless!

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