4 thoughts on “Crumbling Paper: Mutt and Jeff

  1. Hey, Steven! I hope you have fun producing another awesome mini-comic today. I wish that I lived a LOT closer to the Twin Cities so I could join you all. Oh, well…I am with you in spirit.

    Anyway, I have a question for you about your Crumbling Paper feature; how are you scanning these? Do you have a large-bed scanner? Back when I had a blog, I often wrote about old comics strips, but had no way to get them posted without damaging them. Just curious.

    Oh, and I have been meaning to tell you for a year that I believe the self-portrait you did for the cover of 2005’s “Weird Illustrated” is amongst the best in the history of comics. The likeness is incredible, and the story it tells is both jarringly honest and heartbreaking. I wish I had your wonderful talent, as well as your guts!

  2. Hi John!

    Sorry for the slow reply! I wish I had a large bed scanner! I scanned the strips on here in two chunks on a scanner at work and then stitched them together in Photoshop.

    Thanks much for the kind words about the Weird Illustrated cover! Thank goodness, it is actually not intended to be a self-portrait, although you are not the first person who thought it was one.

    Hope all is great with you!

  3. Hmm. So I have once again placed my foot into my mouth. I guess I saw that cover image as your twisted take on a self-portrait because of all of those little elements that the face shared with yours….no, not his festering facial blemishes, nor the self-flagellating comments scrawled all over his face (obviously), but the spacing and shape of the eyes, the placement of the hairline, the shape of the mouth, and so forth. Not surprising, I suppose, as artists sometimes subconsciously refer back to their first live models; themselves. Back in school, I learned that I could literally see the faces of my fellow students in their character drawings, whether the drawings were of human characters, elephants, roller-skating dogs, sexy genies, or angry volcano gods. In fact, I have sadly discovered my own fat face in some of my villain characters!

    Oh, well. I stand by my accolades, even if they were slightly off-target. Yours is a talent that makes me Hulk-green with envy! Keep it up!

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