THE CARTOON CRYPT: Koko’s Earth Control


This is my favorite Koko the Clown cartoon I’ve seen (not including him guest-starring in Betty Boop toons). It is hilarious, well-animated, and totally nuts. You’ll want to skip over the first 2 minutes and 11 seconds of it, as some jackass has added a bunch of annoying unrelated footage and commentary at the beginning. Unfortunately, the other versions of this cartoon I’ve seen on the web are taken from a heavily edited version that appeared on MTV’s Liquid Television, which also features a terrible soundtrack… those are to be avoided.

Update: Holmes! of the excellent Barnacle Press blog commented to point us to a better version of this cartoon that he posted here (note… it is a big download, 100MB). Thanks Holmes!

3 thoughts on “THE CARTOON CRYPT: Koko’s Earth Control

  1. This is my absolute favorite Koko cartoon, as well. The animation is top-notch, and there are a whole lot of fabulous frames, places where you can pause the action, and the image is ready for printing and hanging on the wall.

    I’ve got a clean MPG of this ‘toon, and I’ve put it up on the BeyondBelief(’72) server. It’s big, ~100MB, but it’s definitely worth digging.

  2. Wow – is the clean mpg still available somewhere? I’ve been trying to find a high quality version. Thanks in advance …

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