THE CARTOON CRYPT: Dancing on the Moon (1935)


Here’s a fun Fleischer Studios cartoon that makes great use of the Max Fleischer invention, the Rotograph… it is an early example of the technique, as the cartoon is from 1935 and the patent wasn’t filed until 1936. The Rotograph was a technique of building a miniature set on a turntable that could be rotated while shooting cels in front of it to make it appear that the 2d drawings were in a 3d space.

Read more about this cartoon on The Big Cartoon Database here.

THE CARTOON CRYPT: Koko’s Earth Control


This is my favorite Koko the Clown cartoon I’ve seen (not including him guest-starring in Betty Boop toons). It is hilarious, well-animated, and totally nuts. You’ll want to skip over the first 2 minutes and 11 seconds of it, as some jackass has added a bunch of annoying unrelated footage and commentary at the beginning. Unfortunately, the other versions of this cartoon I’ve seen on the web are taken from a heavily edited version that appeared on MTV’s Liquid Television, which also features a terrible soundtrack… those are to be avoided.

Update: Holmes! of the excellent Barnacle Press blog commented to point us to a better version of this cartoon that he posted here (note… it is a big download, 100MB). Thanks Holmes!