700 Things: (Pirates) #10: Ol’ Pinkeye

Here’s my contribution to the 700 Pirates project from the larger 700 Things project.

Pirate #10: Ol’ Pinkeye.

As with many pirates, Ol’ Pinkeye was shanghaied at an early age, forced to serve under the infamous Captain Bilgewater as a cabin boy on his decrepit vessel The Syphilitic Sue. An orphan all his life, Ol’ Pinkeye had no home to long for, and circumstance made him a fast home of the seven seas.

His inflamed eye is not the product of conjunctivitis, as his name would imply. He actually is a victim of eye-scurvy… indeed, it could easily be cured with citrus, and Ol’ Pinkeye is well aware of this. However, Ol’ Pinkeye refuses to eat anything but salted pork and that which the sea provides, raw weepy eyeball be damned.

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