700 Things From Big Time Attic

My good friends Zander Cannon and Kevin Cannon of Big Time Attic are going to be posting items to the 700 Things pool regularly as well… they just started with the 700 Clowns pool, doing me the honor of illustrating two of the clowns I named! Click on the images to see the full sized images on Flickr (and leave comments). Subscribe to the Big Time Attic blog to catch their weekly 700 updates (and a lot of other great content).

Clown #340: Slappy the Clown by Zander Cannon

Slappy the Clown has a hard life. He just slaps people, and frequently he gets slapped right back. He’s been forcibly removed from the big tent, the sideshow, and now the entire fairground. Forced to panhandle, he’s finally found where his disability is truly a blessing.

Clown #341: Jingles the Clown by Kevin Cannon

No description on Kevin’s yet… hopefully he’ll add one later…

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