150 Greatest Cartoonists Countdown: #149 Art Adams

#149 Art Adams

Art Adams got his start working at Marvel comics, notably creating the memorable character Longshot. Adams has a lush and detailed style won him a legion of fans from the beginning of his career. His masterpiece (so far) is probably Monkeyman and O’Brien, which was published and collected by Dark Horse Comics. He has also done a couple of wonderful Gumby comics with Bob Burden (the creator of Flaming Carrot), and did a recent pinup in this year’s Gumby Free Comic Book Day comic. He recently did a fun series called Jonni Future in the pages of Alan Moore’s Tom Strong’s Terrific Tales. You can find out more about Mr. Adams in his wikipedia entry.

Click the image above to see the full version at comicartfans.com.

Click here to read about Art Adams on lambiek.net.

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