150 Greatest Cartoonists Countdown: #146 Patrick Smith

#146 Patrick Smith

I wrote about Mr. Smith the other week… he’s the man behind the flash site vectorpark.com. More relevant to our current post, he’s the fella behind the comics in The Ganzfeld Reader #1. Yes, I am including him based on that one book… he is that good. His comics are like nothing else I’ve ever seen. The closest comparison I can come up with is he’s kind of like a cross between Jim Woodring, Mat Brinkman and Pac Man, but that’s not really accurate. His comics are weird, simple and spooky… they feel like they take place in a vacuum. I really hope he makes more comics some day… I have a feeling he would be a lot higher on this ridiculous list pretty quickly.

Above image taken from The Ganzfeld website (which was also designed by Smith).

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