150 Greatest Cartoonists Countdown: #144 Steven Weissman

#144 Steven Weissman

Steven Weissman’s does great kid comics in an almost early Charles Schulz big-head style… however his kids are not the Peanuts gang. His heroes are Li’l Bloody, a young vampire, Pull-Apart Boy, Kid Medusa, and a gang of other young monstrous miscreants. Also like Schulz, Weissman is a master of character-based humor. So his comics are kind of like Peanuts, only with violent mayhem and death. So, basically, it isn’t like Peanuts at all. Never mind. You can find many excellent books by Mr. Weissman at Fantagraphics, buy original art from him at the Comic Art Collective. He also has a blog.

Click here to read the entry about Steven Weissman on lambiek.net.

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