150 Greatest Cartoonists Countdown: #143 Rick Altergott

#143 Rick Altergott

Rick Altergott’s Doofus and Henry Hotchkiss are the Laurel and Hardy of modern “alternative comics.” Doofus’ obliviousness to and pride in his unintentionally anti-social behavior is always hilarious. Altergott’s style is clean and realistic, which makes his comics that much more effectively unsettling. Click the above image to view the whole Doofus strip at comicartcollective.com (where he sells original art)… more Doofus strips can be found on Mr. Altergott’s website, although the image quality there is terrible, unfortunately. You are much better off doing yourself a favor and buying the Doofus Omnibus anyhow.

Click here to read the entry on Rick Altergott at lambiek.net.

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