150 Greatest Cartoonists Countdown: #140 Archer Prewitt

#140 Archer Prewett

Archer Prewitt‘s Sof’ Boy is hilarious and beautifully drawn and designed… Sof’ Boy is perpetually the victim of extreme violence, but to our semi-oblivious hero, this violence comes as naturally as the breeze going by. Sof’ Boy is kind of like if Casper the Friendly Ghost couldn’t figure out how to die, and was forced to walk among the living as a goony ball of dough in limbo, with bowery bums, prostitutes and hungry sewer rats. Like his friend Chris Ware, Prewitt has a great eye for design, and the Sof’ Boy books always look beautiful. Unfortunately, a new issue only happens every couple of years or so… they are always worth the wait, though.

Click the above image to see the full-size version on the site I found it on.

Click here to read the entry on Archer Prewitt at lambiek.net.

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