Crumbling Paper: The Love of Lulu and Leander (1905) by F.M. Howarth (strip #22)

Here’s another example of F.M. Howarth’s strip The Love of Lulu and Leander from 1905. Click the image to read the strip.

You can see more examples of this strip (and many other classic comics) at Barnacle Press.

One thought on “Crumbling Paper: The Love of Lulu and Leander (1905) by F.M. Howarth (strip #22)

  1. I have a 1906 copyright postcard, NY American Sunday Journal Examiner in a open up and place to tabs in slots so you can enclose a letter inside of postcard when you send it-Place for stamp on back side==Unused. Wild graphics Of “Leander” bring chased by vicious bull dog about to bite his hand, and kid in the background is stomping and laughing–all, including dog have the typical “Big Heads” Leander’s hair is straight up and he is making a face. The postcard is printed with title “YOURS IN HASTE, LEANDER”
    The strip was titled “LULU & LEANDER” and ran only a couple of years Art by F.M.Horwarth. Postage 1 cent unless you add a letter inside in which you were to put 2 cents postage on it.
    Card in VG Vintage condition Colorful and bright If you need a photo, let me know where to email it. Lois Graham, Arizona

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