Crumbling Paper: Harry J. Tuthill’s The Bungle Family

At the request of MJ, here are a couple scans I made of Harry Tuthill’s The Bungle Family Sundays. MJ was nice enough to send scans of a couple dailies he had as well, which are also below. Thanks MJ!

Above from October 29, 1933.

Above from November 12, 1933.

Click the above panels to go to the strips they come from.

Click here to read the entry on Harry Tuthill at

Click here to read the entry on The Bungle Family at

A number of excellent scans of strips can be found at by searching for Tuthill. Like this hand-colored original Sunday from 1929. Check out the wild panel layout on this one.

Here are more strips at

Also note that Mr. Tuthill is one of the cartoonists featured in Dan Nadel’s recent excellent book Art Out of Time: Unknown Comics Visionaries 1900-1969.

2 thoughts on “Crumbling Paper: Harry J. Tuthill’s The Bungle Family

  1. Wow, the 1933 layout was cool. I never seen that one before. Wish I had that original… Still searching for those other originals (only scanned two when I purchsaed them, then off to storage they went.)

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