150 Greatest Cartoonists Countdown: #125 Evan Dorkin

#125 Evan Dorkin

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Evan Dorkin’s probably best known for Milk and Cheese, the above pictured “Dairy Products Gone Bad.” Those strips are funny, although formulaic (as Dorkin certainly admits) and are best in small doses. I much prefer his varied strips in his ongoing comic Dork!. He’s not only consistently funny, but he frequently packs his pages with enough panels to make your eyes bleed and enough gags to make you seek the heimlich maneuver. My favorite comics I’ve read by him are his hilarious strips about the Eltingville Comic-Book, Science-Fiction, Fantasy, Horror, and Role-Playing Club… which you should really not miss if you grew up obsessed with any of the subjects in the Eltingville club’s moniker.

Click here to go to Evan Dorkin’s (and Sarah Dyer’s) House of Fun website.

Click here to go to Evan Dorkin’s blog.

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2 thoughts on “150 Greatest Cartoonists Countdown: #125 Evan Dorkin

  1. I once had a gig in New York, performing for a group of students at NYU. Some students found out that the college gives out $1,000 to every club, so they started a yo-yoing club… and a science fiction club… and a satanists club.

    So I was flown out on the yo-yoing club’s budget (or was it the satanists club?) to perform and talk for an hour. Following that, Evan Dorkin came out to speak. He said it was neat getting $1,000 just for walking a few blocks. He asked the students if they had any questions for him… but I think he soon realized that none of them really read that many of his comics, and unlike most groups he speaks to, none of them were cartoonists.

    He was enthralled! He could talk about whatever he want and no-one asked him what type of nib he uses or if he mixes his inks. He ended talking for an hour and a half, making fun of practically every cartoonist you could name. He was absolutely hilarious and used the white board in the classroom to it’s fullest.

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