150 Greatest Cartoonist Countdown: #122 Eric Drooker

#122 Eric Drooker

Click the above image to read the full strip at the site I found it on.

Eric Drooker primarily does illustration and short comic work, but he has made a couple excellent graphic novels that I’m aware of, Flood! and Blood Song. Both are entirely silent. A non-cartoonist may assume that a silent comic is easier to pull off than a comic with words… after all, you don’t have to worry about writing dialogue. The opposite is actually true… without words, everything has to be communicated with the pictures, which is challenging and labor intensive. Drooker pulls it off wonderfully.

He has a lot in common with his contemporary Peter Kuper, who is also a master of the silent comic… they also share an affinity for expressionistic art. Drooker’s comic art is primarily done with ink on scratchboard, and generally feature stark blacks and whites… he also has a wonderful eye for color in his paintings, some of which can be seen on his website.

Visit Eric Drooker’s website here.

Click here to read the lambiek.net entry on Eric Drooker.

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