Crumbling Paper: The Katzenjammer Kids in Der Cap is Getting Fat (strip #11)

Here’s a Rudolph Dirks Katzenjammer Kids strip I scanned from January 29th, 1911.

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Click the image to view the full strip.

Here’s what Don Markstein’s Toonopedia has to say about the Katzenjammers.

Click here to go to the Barnacle Press collection of Katzenjammer Kids strips.

Read about the Katzenjammer Kids on Wikipedia.

Click here to the Toonopedia entry on the Katzenjammer Kids.

Click here to read about Rudolph Dirks at

2 thoughts on “Crumbling Paper: The Katzenjammer Kids in Der Cap is Getting Fat (strip #11)

  1. Thank you for posting all of these! You have a great site! Have you come across a comic strip called The Smythes by New Yorker cartoonist Rea Irvin?

  2. Thanks Paul! I don’t have any Smythes strips, but Cagle sure does…

    Great stuff there! Apparently there are more of them in Hogan’s Alley #13, which I haven’t scored a copy of yet (it is a great publication if you haven’t seen it)… these examples are web extras.

    Lambiek has this on the strip:

    Here is an interesting article from a 1930 issue of Time Magazine on the new at the time strip:,9171,739658,00.html

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