Crumbling Paper: Majic Pictures and Cut-Outs by Prof. Bughouse

Here’s a wonderfully funny strip I scanned titled Majic Pictures and Cut-Outs by Prof. Bughouse by an unknown artist from 1905. If you can identify the artist, please let me know… his signature is in the lower right panel.

Click the image to view the full strip.

UPDATE: Troylloyd in the comments pointed out something obvious I forgot to mention… the cartoonist’s last name signed in the last panel appears to be Anderson. He also pointed out that there was a Professor Bughouse strip by John A. Lemon in 1904, which is likely to be related to this feature. Thanks, Troylloyd!

5 thoughts on “Crumbling Paper: Majic Pictures and Cut-Outs by Prof. Bughouse

  1. ‘Drop a little gasoline on “x”…’
    Dude! WTF? This would have so many present day nannies wetting themselves….
    Excellent scans though, will be spending a wee bit of time here methinks.
    Some of this art is GORGEOUS.

  2. : ) great stuff! Lil buttercup girl looks slightly kin to Alfred E. Newman,eh? Being that bughouse was a fairly common term,this may be of no help, but John A. Lemon did a strip called “Professor Bughouse”,also for McClure…the sig here appears to be Anderson tho…anyway,I wanted to thank you for taking the time to scan all these ephemeral treasures & sharing them with the world,it is noble work!
    I especially enjoy such the glorious patina of age,along with the little rips & tears & these funnypapers in their original state are rarely seen. salut !

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