Froggy the Gremlin (clip #11): Froggy Whammies a Faux Mexican

Froggy attempts to murder a faux Mexican. The faux Mexican reminds me distinctly of the faux Frenchman and faux Italian. Could they all be brothers?

Warning: The below footage obviously contains insensitive ethnic depictions. If this sort of thing bugs you, you may not want to view it.

See an excerpt from an issue of Buster Brown Comics featuring Smilin Ed’s Gang aka Andy’s Gang courtesy of Stupid Comics here.


Read more about Andy Devine on Wikipedia.

Visit the grave of W.H. "Major" Ray aka Buster Brown here.

2 thoughts on “Froggy the Gremlin (clip #11): Froggy Whammies a Faux Mexican

  1. Leave it to Froggy. We just killed a “insert stereotype” here to make you scared little kids & parents feel better. Now go to church and Sunday school. What a twisted mess.

  2. Indeed… I’m guessing the ethnicity bashing had more to do with laziness creating characters for Froggy to attack than any particular hatred, but the whole thing comes off as bizarrely right-wing to modern eyes. Of course, Andy clearly was a worshiper of Cthulhu, not Christ… you wouldn’t want to see the Sunday Schools old Andy is talking about. Schools of fish!

    By the way… I still haven’t received the circus love poem you mentioned, if you’ve sent it again.

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