INTERESTING LINKS: The Ink Spots at the Internet Archive : September 12th, 2008


Looks like I just got Boing Boinged… this should be interesting. Thanks much to Amy Crehore at the delightful Little Hokum Rag blog for sending Boing Boing my way! Welcome new readers!

Today’s Featured Item: Music galore by the Ink Spots recorded from 78rpm at the Internet Archive! Here is the formula for a typical Ink Spots song:

1) Dumba dum-a dumba dum-a dumba dum-a dum.
2) Guy with high voice sings verses.
3) Guy with low voice talks same lines with some mild funny added.
4) Guy with high voice comes back for one more run of the verses.

It may be formulaic, but it sure does work well…

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