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In this clip from the movie Hellzapoppin’ (1941), The Slim and Slam AllStars (a band of the great Slim Gaillard and Slam Stewart) provide the soundtrack to the most insane, physics-defying example of extreme swing dancing that you are likely to ever see.

INTERESTING LINKS: Heartman’s Heart Breakers at the Internet Archive : September 15th, 2008


TODAY’S FEATURED ITEM: There is so much great music for free on the Internet Archive… today we have one of my favorite bands introduced to me by The Old Codger on WFMU (which, incidentally, is the greatest radio show of all time… and is all available for download). I bring you the one and only Hartman’s Heart Breakers, for your listening pleasure… there are two pages of music here and here.

INTERESTING LINKS: The Ink Spots at the Internet Archive : September 12th, 2008


Looks like I just got Boing Boinged… this should be interesting. Thanks much to Amy Crehore at the delightful Little Hokum Rag blog for sending Boing Boing my way! Welcome new readers!

Today’s Featured Item: Music galore by the Ink Spots recorded from 78rpm at the Internet Archive! Here is the formula for a typical Ink Spots song:

1) Dumba dum-a dumba dum-a dumba dum-a dum.
2) Guy with high voice sings verses.
3) Guy with low voice talks same lines with some mild funny added.
4) Guy with high voice comes back for one more run of the verses.

It may be formulaic, but it sure does work well…

THE CARTOON CRYPT: Betty Boop in Betty in Blunderland (1934)


Another excellent, surreal Betty Boop cartoon… I love the Jabberwocky in this. The featured song in it, “How Do You Do,” is an altered version of the song “Everyone Says I Love You.” Below is Groucho Marx’s wonderful version of that song from Horse Feathers (1932) (starts at 36 seconds in or so). There are other great versions of that song in Horse Feathers as well… note that you can see the entire movie on YouTube starting here. I’ve exported the music from both movies as mp3’s for your listening pleasure… you can grab those here.

Read more about this cartoon on the Big Cartoon Database here.